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Protective Clothing

Apollo Full Suit, w/zipper veil


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Round veil available

Price: $79.95

Apollo Half Suit, w/zipper veil


Price: $59.95

Cotton Coveralls


Price: $67.00

Cotton Coveralls


Price: $72.00

Goatskin Gloves


Hatless Veil (Round)

Veils (round)


Helmet, plastic


Helmet, ventilated


Plastic Gloves


Round Veil

Helmet sold separately


Veils (Square)

Veils (Square)


Ventilated Cowhide Gloves

Ventilated gloves made of cowhide leather with canvass uppers. Sizes available: S,M,L, XL, XXL


Ventilated Master Bee Jacket w/veil

Ventilated Master Bee jacket/veil combo.


Ventilated Master Bee Suit w/veil

Ventilated Master Bee Suit with veil.


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